Topics for Lectures

Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth is renowned in Israel and around the world for his dynamic and stimulating lectures, both in English or in Hebrew.

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The following is a list of the topics that he speaks about.

The Narrow Halakhic Bridge

Ronen Neuwirth

  • The Future of Halacha – Evolving from Rabbinical Supervision to Rabbinical Super-Vision
  • Challenges of Halacha in a Rapidly Changing World: Where do we Draw the Lines?
  • Torah Scholars Increase Peace? Halachic Disputes in Jewish Tradition
  • On Leniencies and Stringencies, the Slippery Slope and the Golden Mean
  • The Flexigidity of Halakha
  • Women & Judaism: Changing Times, Shifting Paradigms
  • Marriage and Divorce in Halacha – Potential Solutions to the Aguna Crisis
  • Female Spiritual Leadership in Post Modern Times – Is there a Glass Ceiling? ·  
  • Between Da’at Torah, Emunat Chakhamim and Rabbinical politics – Reflections on the Boundaries of Obedience
  • How did the Shulchan Arukh Gain its Supreme Halakhic Authority?
  • Is it Permissible to Disagree with the Shulchan Arukh?
  • The Development of Halakha Throughout History
  • The Pendular Movement of the Centers of Psak: Between Community and Yeshiva
  • Can the Rabbis Make Mistakes?
  • Behind the Scenes of the Halakhic Process
  • The Influence of Societal Changes on Halakha
  • The Values of Ethics, Liberalism, and Equality in Halakha
  • Halakhic Decision-Making at the “Beginning of Redemption”
  • Halakhic Decision-Making in the Age of the Internet and Social Media
  • The Impact of Technological Advances on Halakha
  • Science, Medicine and Halakha
  • Rabbi, Rosh Yeshiva and Posek. Who should I listen to?

Israel-Diaspora Topics:

  • The Israeli-Arab Conflict: An Apolitical Spiritual Perspective  
  • Did you hope for Salvation? – Relevancy of Zionism in the Diaspora Today
  • Do We Need a Third Temple?  or  The Relevancy of the Beit Mikdash in the 21st Century
  • Between Zionism, Multiculturalism and Judaism – Transformations in Israeli Society Today
  • The Way to a Man’s Soul is Through his Stomach – Reflections on Torat Eretz Yisrael
  • Conversion and Civil Marriage in Israel – Crises, Challenges and Opportunities
  • “And you Shall Return to G-d” – The Spiritual Renaissance in Israeli Society 
  • Between Modern-Orthodoxy, Religious-Zionism, Feminism and Post-Modernism -Transformations in Orthodox Society

Education and Psychology

  • The Lights of Imperfection – The Journey from Perfectionism to Authenticity
  • Exploring Our Darkness and Revealing our Light
  • Tefilla and Mindfulness (workshop)
  • Remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt – The Jewish Quest for True Belonging
  • Parenthood and Facebook – Coping with Modern Educational Challenges
  • Parenting Challenges in Post-Modern Times –  Independence, Freedom and Discipline

Jewish Philosophy

  • Question of G-d’s Perfection
  • Olam HaBah vs. Olam HaZeh,  Mashiach & the Resurrection
  • Divine Providence – Why Bad Things Happen to Good People:  Punishment and Reward, Hashgacha and Accidents 
  • Jewish Responses to the Holocaust


  • Were the Hasmoneans Modern Orthodox?
  • Tu Bishvat – The Festival of Eretz Israel
  • Unmasking the Purim Story
  • Jewish Life in Foreign Lands – Lessons From Megillat Esther for Jews Today
  • The Power of Questioning– Insights into the Spiritual Experience of Leil HaSeder
  • The Fifth Cup of Wine & Eliyahu HaNavi: A Lesson in Zionism
  • The Defeat and the Victory at Ai– Reflections on the Independence of Israel
  • Yerushalayim HaBnuya – A City that is United Together – On Unity, Sovereignty, Serenity and Eternity

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