Teachings on the Parsha, on the Chagim and on Jewish Thought


Unfreezing Our Hearts – Reflections on Tu B’Av in COVID-19 Times

Tu B’Av, should be the happiest day of the year and a festival of true and authentic love. Olaf from “Frozen” teaches us that true love is putting someone else’s needs before your own.


Question Marks – the Essence of Jewish Faith

Every encounter with death raises theological questions, challenging questions, unanswered questions. Many of us have experienced this struggle, particularly recently with the many lives tragically lost during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the essence of the Red Heifer commandment, an obscure and incomprehensible mitzvah that even King Solomon, whose wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the people, […]


The Opposite of Love is not Hate

The word Machloket (dispute) is often perceived as a negative concept. Korach’s story in this week’s Torah portion is a classic example of a negative dispute – a controversy full of intrigue and egotism. Yet the opposite of Machloket is not the avoidance of conflict. The Sages taught us that the opposite of a negative dispute is Machloket L’Shem Shamayim, […]


One Letter Can Make All the Difference

Sometimes we feel emotionally and spiritually blocked, struggling to recalculate the route for the journey of our lives, and searching for the path without seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Unblocking ourselves begins with attuning our perspective to the Divine abundance that surrounds us. Moshe Rabbenu sent twelve spies to tour the […]


The Torah: A Love Story

According to tradition, the upcoming Shavuot holiday celebrates the day the Jewish people received the Torah. Following the tradition of the Kabbalists, Jewish communities spend the holiday eve awake, studying Torah until dawn, in a custom known as “Tikkun Leil Shavuot”. This tradition’s source is a parable told by our sages that recalls the night […]


Pesach Sheni in the Time of COVID-19: Another Chance for Unity

Pesach Sheni is a very unique mitzvah in the Torah. The common principle is ‘avar zemano – batel korbano’ = once the time has passed, the korban is canceled. Why specifically on Pesach are we granted a second chance? Why this is not an option in any other chag or korban?   There is a special element in […]


On Uncertainty and the Festival of Freedom

The ability to lean fearlessly into uncertainty for a long while and to feel comfort and security precisely in the landscape of question marks. There is redemption in a profound experience of uncertainty. It’s an opportunity to embrace our vulnerability and to realize that there is something much bigger than us. It is an opportunity to discover that the real sense of safety comes from the divine side of us and our engagement with it. “Let go and let God”!


Food for Thought for Shevi’i Shel Pesach

The quality of the prayers is very important, but it must be remembered that if this is an exclusive prayer, in which there is no room for every Jew, something in this prayer is flawed.